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Wolfgods series by Blaise Ramsay

Bane of Tenebris

Wolfgods Book 2

by Blaise Ramsay

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Q. Do you see writing as a career?

A. Actually, I don’t do much writing nowadays. Since opening FyreSyde to accepting submissions, I have been doing more on the publishing and marketing side than writing. I am however, a professional ghostwriter going on almost two years now so I guess you could say writing is my career. As a stay at home mom of two, FyreSyde and freelancing are my full-time jobs so, as I said, it really already is my career. 

Q. What makes a good story?

A. I will answer this one as a publisher. At FyreSyde we believe taking an existing trope and twisting it into something new until it screams is vital to a unique story. So often we see the same story over and over with characters who are copies or under-developed. What we look for is a character or characters that are flawed, who struggle just like everyday people. Even rich bad boys have something they’re struggling with but we rarely see this in today’s manuscripts. We look for unique stories, even if it’s a retelling of an old fairytale. It saddens me to see authors relying on what’s popular just to make sales. Ultimately, their stories suffer and wind up reading like something already mass produced. There is nothing wrong with writing a trope since being original is becoming more difficult. What makes a master storyteller is taking these tropes, turning it into something new and then re-turning it into something familiar.

Q. What do you think about the current publishing market?

A. This can be a tender subject but I always like to address it because it needs to be addressed. What I will say is not unique to just writing but to the creative industry as a whole. All creative industries are saturated. Every industry is saturated. I come from the conceptual art and character design industry so I know what I’m talking about. I am disappointed with the “self-publishing” and “Indie Publishing” industry. I think it has become too easy for authors to avoid crucial steps in the publishing process such as editing and professional formatting. As an Indie myself, I know what it feels like to want to share your book with the world but it doesn’t seem to be just that anymore. Too many authors scramble to become the “next Stephen King” or the “next J.K Rowling.” Here is the hard truth: You will not be the next King or Rowling. An author shouldn’t want to be. It removes their uniqueness and what makes them who they are. We received five movie deal offers on Blessing of Luna and declined every one. It shouldn’t be about movie deals, it should be about you, your stories and your characters. Another hard truth: It is becoming harder for Indies to gain a foothold in media of any kind. Doors once open are closed to enforce quality control and to keep authors from bragging about their book. I have seen many bloggers who refuse to review “self” and “indie” published books. To prove what I’m saying, one merely has to view Amazon and its new review policies. They are tightening quality control, deleting reviews and eBooks. There is good news though. Every industry goes through these trials. The ones who have true grit and passion will last, those who don’t have passion, lack discipline and refuse to see publishing as a business will fall by the wayside.

Q. Advice they would give new authors?

A. I would give only three key pieces of advice: 1) Slow Down. This is not a sprint, it is indeed a marathon. Your first book might not be your best-seller. It might not land you on television or in the theatres. Build your platform first and focus on building a rapport with people. 2) Don’t desire to be the “next” anything. Odds are you didn’t choose to write to be a Rowling clone. Odds are you did it because you had a story to tell. Focus on that! You will hear “this is a numbers” game but the truth is, it’s not. In any creative industry, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time but don’t dwell on this. Write and publish because you want to. Do it because you love to. 3) Grow Thick Skin now. A carnal problem right now (and I say this because I am a book reviewer) is authors complaining about not receiving favorable reviews. We are not going to love every book you publish and that’s okay. Just as an author has their favorite books, so too do reviewers. A tip: There is nothing wrong with un-publishing your book, re-working it and re-publishing it. How many authors in the industry have released “updated editions” of their titles. There is no shame in it and can ultimately lead to a stronger story. Most of all though, never give up. This takes work – a ton of it. You will have to market, you will have to re-write and you will get rejected. Prepare yourself if you traditionally publish. Your publisher can only do so much as they are on a budget per title as well. 


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