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When She Remembers by Hope Jones

This book was so sweet. It had an amazing amount of detail and work put into it. I loved it! For one, I have never read a book like this one before. And two, it was just amazing. I could not imagine waking up and not remembering anything for the past 5 years. I know it had to be hard on the female character. I loved the action and the subtle hints that were given throughout the entire book that something big was about to happen. Hope Jones did a phenomenal job with her first book. It is hard to believe that was her first book!

Henley just woke up out of a medically induced coma and doesn’t remember anything from the past 5 years. She has to go through the emotional trauma of learning things that have changed in the past five years till she, hopefully, gets her memories back. What she eventually learns, it is not something that she should have to go through on top of everything else.

Graham stands by Henley’s side through thick in thin. In sickness and in health. He has to endure watching Henley not remember who he is or what he is doing beside her all the time. I have to say he is a brave and strong character to be able to do that. I know not everyone could. He does everything in his power to protect and love Henley, but that may not be enough when it comes down to it.

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