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Veils by Brynne Asher

Brynne Asher contines to exceed all of my expectations. I am truly in love with this book. IT was amazing from page one. Everything was attention grabbing, and it was hard to put it down. I loved all the action and the built up tension. I love how it still had that heart felt romance and all the tow curling parts too.

Noah is a true alpha male. He has no problem protecting those he loves. He does what he can to protect Gracie from all the things in life that would be considered bad to other, but, to him, work is work. Not a lot phases him, and he goes after what he wants.

Gracie is trying to chase her dream and discover a new part of herself. She has been though more in her life than she deserves. Yet, she still proves to be strong willed and see the good in people. I absolutely love her character.

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