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Twin Flames by M.A. Lee

This book was thrilling, and a great into to the series. I loved getting to know Ivy who, although has a rocky past, doesn’t let that stop her from getting her HEA. Personally, she is brave, because she walks into a biker bar dressed in a extremely girly outfit with no shame about it. She proves throughout the book that she is capable of whatever life throws at her. Although, I would have preferred to see and hear more about the family she left behind.

Jameson was a strong, independent man. Although, it was obviously foreign to him how to deal with his feelings. He was a little hot tempered and over the top. Jameson truly cared for Ivy, but he had business that needed to be taken care of.

I do think the ending could have been a little more creative, but, overall, it was an amazing read. I am thrilled for the next one in the series.

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