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Through His Eyes by Nikki Ash

I am still trying to wrap my head around how some men can be so cruel. Like how can you treat another human being so viciously. I like how the author incorporated the fact that sometimes woman abuse others too. You might not see quite as often, but it does happen. I like the realness too. Like these things do happen.

Quinn is a single mom who has been through hell and back. She is insecure due to her ex-husband, who thankfully died before we got a change to really get to know him. She does everything she can for her daughter. Thankfully, Quinn has a very supportive family who helps her after the death of her husband. Although, she felt no guilt or sadness towards his death.

Lachlan is a younger man who is a tattoo artist that works for Quinn’s brothers. He does everything in his power to make Quinn feel like she is enough and that they are meant for each other. She continues to be stuck on their age gap and anytime it is brought up she backs off. She doesn’t believe she is going to be able to give Lacklan everything he could possibly need, but she does. And so much more.

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