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The Perfect Spinster by Annabelle Anders

This was an interesting read. I haven’t read many historical romances in the past, so, to read my second one by this author, it was eye opening. I loved getting an inside glance as to what life was like in that time period. People were highly judged for everything; especially, their looks. Who they married, their family, and where they come from was highly important.

Miss. Olivia Redfield is a well developed character, who was in some way easy to relate to. She was dealt a fairly crappy hand and made the best of it. It is hard to believe that some people are treated the way she was. She might as well have been abandoned by her own family. I am fairly certain the only reason she was not, because it would have affected her father’s social outlook.

Gabriel Fellows is a kind gentleman who is the Earl of Kinsley (aka the head of the household). He always tries to do the right thing by the people around him, including his father, who passed away. Although, he ends up following his heart and what he truly wants in the end.

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