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Stolen Kisses by Khardine Gray

I don’t think I realized that I love Mafia Romance till I read this book. I could not get enough of it. I loved watching the ‘abdy boy’ get tamed by the girl who’s life had gone wrong.

Maria is this girl who felt she had to be with someone who had money and was a ‘bad boy’. When she finally changes her mantra, it is to late. When she moves to Florida, she gets in bed with the wrong guy. She did not intend to get herself in that situation, but it was what she needed to bring her back to her true lover. It, also, made her a better person and gave her the greatest gift anyone can give her. Flynn. Her 4 year old son.

Dante is the capo to the big guy and apart of what they call The Four. Four guys you do not want to mess with. 10 years after his sisters murder, he is still determined to find out who the killer is and avenger her death. They finally find a different approach to attempt to find the killer. A private investigator who turns out to be a military guy done wrong by the government. He discovers things the couldn’t even get their hands on. Dante gets his chance to avenge his sister, but, in the process, he almost loses the girl he has been pining for over one secret. The name of the killer.

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