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Spark by Aleatha Romig

I am in love… Can I just say that and that be enough?

I love all the mysterious secrets and the wondering. I love the lead into the next book; even though, I am stuck wondering. This book was just perfect for me and exactly what I needed. I have been stuck in a rut not really getting into book the way I did, but this book did an amazing job getting me out of it. It pulled me in and spit me out before I even knew what was happening.

Madeline is stuck. She has nowhere to go and no choice but to win the poker tournament. It is her job to get this one thing right. But someone tries to get in the way of that, not knowing the entire situation. She is in a tough spot some bad people. Not where she wants to be, but no choice but to be there.

Patrick and his guys control Chicago; including, the tournament Madeline is dead set on winning. When Patrick goes to the tournament to talk business to the owners, he is met with the one person he hasn’t seen in years. The one person he thought was dead. After unexpected changes to the tournament, Patrick is forced to enter and is, also, dead set on winning. Things are uncovered and the truth is spilled, but who will fall more? I can’t wait to find out in book 2 🙂

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