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Rock Star by SC Daiko

This book was amazing. If I could rate it, it would be a 10/10. It has an interesting plot to it, and I love how the author added real life problems to super star’s world. Drug addiction is a real world problem that man face; especially, rock stars who are under an enormous amount of pressure.

Alex is a addict who recently lost his sister to drugs. He just got out of rehab and is looking to get his life completely on the right track. They need a back up singer for their band that is on tour and headed to the European side of the ocean. He stays on the clean and narrow until things go sideways and the rest of the guys realize they wanna touch of what they missed.

Phoenix has to have her life together to pay the bills. She has no room for error. She auditions for the band believing nothing good will come of it but why not? She gets the surprising call later that day that they want to hire her. Her contract is only for the rest of the tour and their next album though. A lot can happen in that time frame, and it surely does.

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