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Omega’s Choice by Lilli Carlisle

Honestly, I liked the book, but, for whatever reason, I could not connect with it on the level that I like to. This book is like modern meets 1800’s. The woman get to choose tha male, but they cannot be alone together until they are mated ake married. It has an older feel to it, but they have updated gadgets.

Helena is a girl just of age to be with an alpha. She has watched and waited for her mate for almost 3 years. When she finally gets the chance to be with him, flowers start unexpectedly popping up. Although, the rules are an alpha cannot make contact with an omega, so this throws everybody off and puts them on edge.

Aldric has given up all hope that he is going to find his mate. The only reason he goes to this selection celebration is because his parents talk him into one more. He din’t expect anything to come of it until the princess’s guards and helpers approach Aldric. Now he has to do everything he can to protect his mate from outside forces.

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