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Nix by Kelly Gendron

Gorgeous. I loved the calming feeling I got from this book, but there was action in there too. It’s a weird feeling, but it works. I loved the plot and the characters. I loved the vibes I was getting from them. This was a well written book that grabbed my attention from the start. I have not read the others in the series, but this one was definitely the one for me.

Nix is a single dad who has worked his butt off to get to where he is. He was pulled in by the government to do some hacking for them on the side. His daughter, Becca, is the sweetest girl a father could have. Nix has done everything he can to raise an amazing child, and his family has helped him every step of the way. One night, his past and his future come barging in the door all at once.

Payton can get suspicious at times, but I can tell her intentions are pure. She, generally, acts on her feelings and what she believes is right. Although, she too is involved in the government in a different way than Nix is. Nix and Payton’s relationship takes a turn for the worst when the truth comes out, and I love the amount of strength their love has to overcome the challenges they face.

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