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Misadventures in Blue by Sierra Simone

I still can’t wrap my head around why age-gap is such a huge thing when you get older. I understand when you’re a minor it is like the worst thing that can happen, but, as you get older, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is how you feel about that person. I don’t know maybe that’s just me.

Anywayyyyy, I love this book. Absolutely could not get enough of it! I enjoy cop shows, and I just knew i would love this book.

Detective Day is a hard worker who threw herself into her work after her soon-to-be-husband died. The pain she felt after his death was remarkable, but she kept it all hidden inside. She soon got recognized as the Ice Queen, because she refused to let her emotions get the better of her. Until someone melts her outer layers. Jace.

Jace is an ex-military and has chosen to be a cop. He is still a rookie when he meets Detective Day. She is scared of dating another cop let alone a reckless rookie. When they get involved sexually, things escalate faster than they both anticipated. Can their hearts handle it? Who knows. I recommend this book so much. I can’t wait to see what the other books are about in this long series written by different authors.

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