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Lean Into It by Winter Travers

I loved the action building up to the finale. There was a lot of suspense of what could happen. I liked the little hints here and there that something bad was going to happen, such as, when Fancy could feel someone watching her in her apartment. This book was amazing, and I have come to really love the Kings of Vengeance MC. I am super excited to see where the club goes and watching them build its construction business.

Dyno does everything he can to keep Fancy safe; even though, he is unsure if she is in any real danger. He is the kind of person that is carefree and just goes where the wind blows him. He has finally found a place to put down roots. I like Dyno’s personality and watching him constantly bicker Fancy.

Fancy is just looking for someone who will take care of her the way she deserves. The way she never got as a child. She is constantly going on dates with people that are just not meant for her. I am pretty sure that no one would have been able to truly handle her except for Dyno.

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