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Lake by Michelle Heard

I loved this book for Lake. It was definitely meant for him and his kind nature. There was only one problem I had with it. I did not feel like there was much reason for him to have to feel like he had to choose between his future wife and his friends. It could have possibly been better had there been an outside force telling him he had to choose.

Lake has the most kindhearted soul a person can have. This book brought out a different side to him I hadn’t seen in the other books. He was harsher when it came to the girl he has come to love and look after. He feels she was treated unfairly in her home country by her father, Chairman Park.

Lee is a girl from a different world of honor and respect brought to a country that is free compared to where she comes from. She does everything that is asked of her, because her father threatened her mother, who raised her by herself. Lee was not even aware of her father till she was 16 and told she would have an arranged marriage to an American boy. Lake does everything he can to make things better for Lee.

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