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Interception by Lisa Suzanne

Be warned this has a cliff hanger that has left me speechless.

Delaney is a sweet girl who thought she had it all till it was ripped out of her hands. All in one week, she lost her lover, family and chose to push her friends away. Later in life, a perfect opportunity was handed to her… well two actually. She could be with the amazing rock star best friend who has always loved her and been there for her or the old lover football player who broke her heart years ago. They both come back into her life in one night, but which one is the better choice.

Chase is.. a whole bunch of words I will not say. Personally, he is not my favorite; due to, the way the book ended. He lives in Denver, CO and plays football. He broke Delaney’s heart when he broke up with her and moved to go to college. He claims he was only doing what his coaches were telling him to do, but who knows.

Gavin, on the other hand, is an amazing heartfelt rock star who has written many songs about his love for Delaney. I believe almost every song we hear about is about her. He has been her best friend since he moved in next door to her. He, also, has loved her since then too. That was 14 years ago.

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