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Hostile Magic by Eileen Troemel

I don’t understand how a mother could do this to her own child. I have seen mother’s let go of children they can’t take care of, but to see a mother let go of a child and try to bring her to her death, I just don’t get how she could do that. The tension build up was amazing. It was extremely easy for me to connect with this book and get an emotional feel for it.

Mallory has to face her biological family after finally finding a place she calls home. She instantly doesn’t trust them. Throughout the book, she gets to know her youngest brother and sister. They turn out to be decent people after putting up with their mother and older brother. They each have their own magical abilities. The mother and Bennett, the oldest brother, are harsh people who have no sympathy and want nothing to do with magic. Although, they possess some themselves.

Leland does everything he can to stay by his partner’s side and protect her from those who hate her. They live in a place where most people hate magic and its energy. Although, in their particular province the magic people are embraced and even openly taught.

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