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Falcon by Michelle Heard

This book was perfect. I loved everything about it. I loved the plot. I loved the conflict. I loved how they all became friends, when before they would have never associated with each other.

Layla is a non-rich girl attempting to live in a rich kid world to satisfy her mother. She attempts to keep her head down and not cause attention to herself, but that fails on the first day. Her looks get her in trouble with the local troublemaker. Her knight and shining armor comes to her rescue this time, but he can’t always be there.

Falcon is the rich kid that never felt love and compassion. His father always works, probably because his mother is a pain, and only cares about her social status. Falcon is only trying to get through school, so he can open open his own business. His best friends, Mason and Lake, plan to open a business while keeping their feet in their father’s business as well. Things soon get heated when Falcon realizes he feels foreign feelings for the new girl.

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