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Exposed by Willow Aster

I love this second book. It definitely beats the first one. I love the conflict and the struggles the characters face. Mara and Elias have a lot of internal and external problems. They want to be together, but they let so many things come between them. They are next-door, childhood friend that are meant to be together. I love this sort of book. I loved the action and the parents that aren’t the best. I cannot wait till the next book arrives. I definitely plan on reading it!

Mara is difficult through out this book and the first. Her emotions are all over the place. She wants Elias, but, while he was away at college, he made it seem as though he had no interest in her. Her reputation with the public causes some unexpected problems for her. Along with her overbearing and controlling parents.

Elias has problems of his own. They get him in some deep stuff and almost killed. He loves Mara, but he doesn’t believe he is enough for her. So, he adds some distance between them thinking it would be best. It is not for the best and definitely just prolongs the inevitable. They are meant to be together.

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