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Drive Me Wild by Julie Kriss

I liked the tension build up in this book. I liked how the main characters had a previous relationship that nobody knew about. I like how it had social conflict and how society did not agree with their relationship. I liked everything about it.

Emily goes out of the crazy town she comes from to try and become something better for herself. She slowly realizes that is not easy starting over. She goes to college, but that only got her so far. When she tried in her internships, she didn’t make it. She was denied a lot of the time. Emily ends up going back home to help her sister, so her sister can take a break at the hair salon she owns. Emily reconnects with her long time lover after she is stranded on the side of the road with her beat up car.

Luke Riggs is the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, literally. He grew up on the left side of the tracks whereas Emily grew up on the right. Luke leaves town around the same time as Emily, so he can find out where he is meant to be. He hates being judged, because of who his father is and how he grew up. He, honestly, is not a bad guy. He just wants whats best for him and to be treated the way he deserves.

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