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Downfall by Willow Aster

For some reason, I did not think I was going to enjoy this book as much as I did. It was amazing! I love the action and the hot and cold feeling towards each other. It was like they both wanted to fight the attraction but just could not.

Luka hasn’t grown up in the best situation. His parents don’t love each other, and they only care about what they look like to the public. Luka is a person who is use to playing by his parents rules and doing whatever they need of him. He, also, knows that no matter what they will find a way to manipulate him to do whatever they want. Originally, he does not want to get married. He wants to mess around with other woman, specifically Princess Nadia.

Eden grew up in a loving family where Christmas was celebrated together. They never really had to walk on eggshells in that home except when it came to her brother and mother. She always did everything her parents asked of her. Eden prepared since she was 14 to be the greatest wife to her soon-to-be-husband. The only time she complained was when she met Luka and realized how hard it was going to be to get along with him.

I love this book and believe it is a great start to this series. I will definitely be looking out for more.

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