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Dominic by Anne Marck

This book was touching. I loved watching the good people in the world help others. It reminds me that there are some good people left in this world. Dominic is a down to earth person. He has money, but he chooses to help others and give people what he can. He feeds some of the homeless. This is where he meets Luna, who is currently hurt and eating leftover food out of the dumpsters. Dominic knows form experience what it is like to be on the streets. He does what he can to help Luna, and, in the process, he accidentally falls in love with her. The age-gap really bothers Dominic and makes it hard for him to get over it. Luna was caught in a bad situation and lost her mother because of it. She does everything she can to survive. this book is an absolute favorite, and I can’t wait for the next book! I am so EXCITED!

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