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Ceva’s Chance by Lilli Carlisle

This book is better than the first. I loved Ceva, and the strong feminine vibe she gives. It definitely made me feel better about what this series had to offer. The oldness to it had worn off, and they didn’t have rules keeping them apart. Ceva is an immortal white witch who was born into the wrong family. She is a miracle. She has to survive her family being terrible people and putting her through more shit than most people can handle. She is one to be admired not put down the way that others have put her. I love how she is strong, independent and sassy as hell. She never lets people walk all over here, and that is a great trait to have.

Lothar refuses to let Ceva do everything by herself the way she wants. He stands by her side every step of the way. Lothar is a kind and generous man. He takes care of those around him. He is the warrior captain for his pack, and he is great at what he does. He trains those who wish to join. Lothar’s strength and love for his mate are challenged when Ceva disappears before his very eyes.

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