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Burn by Chelle Bliss

This book was a great read; even though I did not read the first one with it like I should have. I still managed to make the connections that I feel were needed to make the story a great one. I loved the action and how it happened, but I feel the book was built up to have more of it. I loved watching the characters go through mental challenges and physical challenges. They definitely had an amazing story told by an author that I have come to love to read

Pike is a biker who had a tough childhood but made it out alive. His father’s actions over the years have begun to cause problems in his future, but, with the help of the Gallo’s, he managed to get past it and protect the one he loves. Pike got lucky when he moved away from home, because it could have ended completely different.

Gigi is Pike’s support system that he keeps him sane at times. She is a very independent, very smartass person. I love how she doesn’t just takes things from Pike like a good girl. She does her own thing, and that is a perfectly good thing to do.

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