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Break You by MV Ellis

This love/hate relationship is amazing. I loved the drama and the constant fighting. I love the tension. This book was interesting to read, and I rather enjoy it. The twists and turns and petty fights were entertaining.

Rocky has learned to live by herself and take care of herself. She never leans on anybody else and doesn’t trust anyone. She definitely refuses to let rich boy Xavier Cross. She knows how boys like them have everything they could ever want and never have to lift a finger. She hates him, because she doesn’t have that and has to work for everything she wants.

Xavier wants revenge for what his old employer did to him. He wants Pixie to pay for the beating they gave him. His need for revenge nearly ruins what he could have with Rocky when he discovers something he was not expecting.

This book was amazing to read and I definitely recommend it to people who love to read about love/hate relationships.

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