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Beauty and the Badge by Ella Fox

Ever since I started reading this book, I have drank 3 cups of hot chocolate. And I still want more! Ella Fox did a fabulous job with this one. I loved how detailed the action was. The only critique I would give her is to ass a more stable time line. Let me know how much time is passing between the different sections. Other than that, I could not say enough good things about this book. I love how everything was connected to each other. I loved all the characters personalities (yes, including Rita).

Tyler Jameson is the more recent local sheriff to Charlotte Cove. There isn’t a whole lot of crime on the island, so it is easier for him to have a personal life. He’s tired of how busy Seattle is and wants to settle down. He was not expecting a gorgeous female to come traipsing into his life. But here comes Ashley ready to change that up.

Ashley moved to the island after her life of being bossed around gets flipped upside down. She is tired of never having time for herself and always having insults thrown her way. I am excited to say she is one of my all time favorite characters. She is fairly chill but ready to take on the world.

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